‘The Lego Batman Movie’ Promotional Content

On February 10th, 2017, Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Comics, in partnership with The Lego Group, released the animated feature-length film, The Lego Batman Movie in theaters nationwide. The film featured The Lego Movie’s Batman character and is based on the DC Comics property created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. To promote the release of the film and published products related to the film, DC Comics and The Lego Group’s publishing licensee, DK Publishing, worked closely with Mitchell Stein to create online content to promote the release of the upcoming release and products released in conjunction with the film. The result would need to please the representatives and lawyers of all three parent companies, as the film was a joint production of several intellectual properties.

Ultimately, Mitchell Stein provided DK Publishing and the parent companies behind The Lego Batman Movie with content to publicize the film, which was used by DK Publishing and their parent company, Penguin Random House, to promote DK’s Lego Batman related products.

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